Our reports

The Wealth Report 2021

Naef Prestige Knight Frank, specialist in luxury real estate in French-speaking Switzerland, presents for the 10th consecutive year the 15th edition of “The Wealth Report” on the state of world wealth. This benchmark study offers a unique insight into the investments, attitudes and choices of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) around the world.

Ski Property Report Edition 2021

Discover the definitive guide to property market conditions in the world’s top ski destinations : the Ski Property Report 2021

Select 2021

Rediscover local artists and craftsmen and thus to travel close to home. As always, this edition also presents a selection of our most beautiful properties in Switzerland and abroad.

Swiss School & Lifestyle guide

Switzerland has long been known for its excellent schools, as well as for its safety and high quality of life.

Discover in our Swiss School & Lifestyle guide, the advantages of our different Swiss regions and cantons as well as the most famous schools in the country.